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Twisted Tales of Mayhem | A Motorcycles, Mobsters and Mayhem 2019 #Anthology @sapphireknight3

Title: Twisted Tales of Mayhem - 
A Motorcycles, Mobsters and Mayhem 2019
Special Edition Anthology
Authors: Various
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 18, 2019

About the Anthology

Net proceeds raised by the MMM19 anthology will be donated to the Patriot Guard Riders.

They're a diverse group of riders from across the nation. They have an unwavering respect for America's heroes including fallen military members, first responders, and honorably discharged Veterans. Their mission is to attend funeral services to show respect to the hero, as well as shield the mourning family from interruptions.

Please join us in supporting this selfless nonprofit organization of volunteers who do so much for our real life American heroes.


Purchase Links

$3.99 for a limited time!!


Paperbacks to be collected at MMM19

Contributing Authors

Sapphire Knight
When it comes to his club and his woman, he's a savage. Always has been, always will be.

Piper Davenport
When the beloved Sargent at Arms for the Dogs of Fire MC finds himself falsely incarcerated, his woman must move heaven and earth to release him, while holding back a pack of ravenous bikers whose bite is worse than their bark.

Ryan Michele
Cooper and Bristyl are tying the knot. With the Ravage MC in attendance, what could go wrong?

Esther E. Schmidt
Have you ever disassembled a ticking bomb? I have. Steady as fuck hand, the longest last breath, and the will to live. There’s nothing I can’t do and I have to admit, with all my brothers claiming an Old Lady, I’ve been craving to claim one. Circumstances aside, I never in a million years thought it would be Paisley.

MariaLisa deMora
Amanda lost her husband to war. Alex lost part of himself. Together, they’ll discover hope and peace can be found in the most unexpected of places.

Colbie Kay
I've never been a man to follow rules, but one night I went too far, crossing lines that should have never been touched. I'm about to break the rules again, but this time I'm ready to make her mine. Only one problem stands in my way, she's getting married in one week.

K E Osborn
Doing deals in a hotel room seemed like the safe option. No outside eyes, no mess, no damn fuss. What I didn't count on was being blindsided by a feisty maid who ended up seeing far too much. Now she's a problem - my problem. But maybe that problem will surprise me in a way I never saw coming.

Jack Davenport
Home from a war my country hated me for, I’m looking for my place in the world, managing to find myself in jail instead. But when a vision of perfection walks up the jailhouse steps, I’m lost. Now I just have to convince her to get lost with me.

Lilly Atlas
With his shiny new patch and legacy blood, Viper’s life is dedicated to one day becoming president of the Devil’s Tribe MC. One look at the beautiful and terrified Cassandra has him questioning everything his club stands for. Never had loyalty to his club taken a back seat, but how could he ignore the pleading in those green eyes?

Kathleen Kelly
The Harbingers of Death MC have wronged me. They don’t know it yet, but I’m coming for them. They will all pay. For she will be avenged.

Harley Stone
When a near-death experience brings a sexy Latino biker into her life, Jessica will be tempted to throw her cautious nature to the wind. Will Spade's charm and panty-melting smile be enough to make this good girl go wild?

Vera Quinn
Two people on different paths when their world's collide. One by chance and the other by plan. No promises made but even the best of plans can unravel over time.

Shelly Morgan
Gemma DelBene is the daughter of the most infamous mafia Crime Lord and sister to the next in line. But what happens when her mother and brother are brutally murdered and her family is left without an heir?

Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels
Demetri- Ruthless ruler of the Volkov empire. If you're not with me your against me. I give no second chances. Glory Keller- she's feisty, independent, sexy and I'm going to make her mine. Thirsty for power, someone crosses the line, threatening to take her and my empire away from me. Now, I'm out for blood. No use in hiding from the devil himself- I will find you.

Daphne Loveling
When a mysterious biker starts hanging out in the bar where Samantha works nights, she thinks he's just interested in a one night stand. What she doesn't know is that she's been placed under Crow's protection... and he's about to risk his own life to keep her safe.

Jaime Russell
Justice needs to be served. But whose way; his or hers?

Ginger Ring
You know you're having a bad day when the man hired to keep an eye on you is one that makes people disappear. Permanently.

Morgan Jane Mitchell
When Onyx O’Connor’s father dumps her in their old home town, a tattooed, bad boy takes an interest. Discovering he's not who he seems, she finds out, neither is she

Kailee Reese Samuels
Keep your secrets simple and your lies dirty.

Angie M Brashears
In a world where love is a ghost story, no one is safe. Not even familia. Peligro.

K.A. Ware
Biker bitch royalty, strippers, a club whore, and a bachelorette party...what could go wrong?

Xavier Neal
What happens when Lion accidentally finds his Lioness?

Amy Davies
Reckless Angels MC are my life. I work hard and play hard and can have any woman I want, but there’s only one woman for me. Why do I push her away when all I want to do is to pull her close to me and never let go? It’s time I work hard to get my own angel.

Kristine Allen
I'm the Enforcer for the Demented Sons MC, I don't do beach hook-ups with a prim-ass school teacher. And I sure as hell don't obsess over the chick afterward. But that's exactly what I did.

Crimson Syn
Hate simmers between the Hellbound Lovers and the Devil's Syndicate. But when love and jealousy collide, decisions will be made, and there's no saying who might get burned.

Teagan Brooks
When the girl who broke his heart years ago shows up at the Blackwings MC clubhouse for the president’s daughter’s wedding, Badger, the VP, is not only shocked, he is pissed. But a few words from his best friend’s wife leaves him with more questions than answers. And Badger never lets anything go unanswered.

Linny Lawless
Torque, the owner of Hardcore Cycles is only focused on one thing, the V-twin engines that come into his shop. There's no time for women or love, that is until Ronnie, a raven-haired beauty comes into his sights. When the biker beauty needs help, Torque's primal instincts kick in, and there's no stopping him when it comes to protecting the woman he loves.

LoveAfrica BookClub
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Second Sight is his only refuge @patriciadeddy #RomanticSuspense

Title: Second Sight
Series: Away From Keyboard #4
Author: Patricia D. Eddy
Genre: Military Romantic Suspense
 Release Date: March 12, 2019


Green Beret Dax Holloway crawled out of the Taliban prison, Hell Mountain, barely alive. His captors took more than his sight. They took his humanity.

Six years later, he’s carved out an existence back in Boston. One dependent on routines. On walking the same path. Day after day. Through shadows and pain.

Second Sight is his only refuge. The most elite investigative and security firm in the country—built out of the rubble of his former life—gives him purpose in a world he can no longer see. A world where he always feels out of place.

Dax thought he’d buried the past. But some ghosts don’t stay dead. And some wounds are forever.

Evianna Archer’s life makes sense. A brilliant coder, she’s poised to be the next darling of the tech world—heading up a project that will redefine home security. Until one moment changes everything.

Her life in chaos, she turns to Second Sight, where the unlikeliest of men becomes her guide. Dax is everything she shouldn’t want, shouldn’t need, shouldn't trust. But she's drawn to him, even if his darkness threatens to consume them both.

When they uncover a shocking secret, Dax must make a choice. Stay broken? Or risk his heart—and his life—for the one woman who can see past his scars and into his soul.

Second Sight is a slow burn military romantic thriller. All books in the Away From Keyboard Series are standalone romances featuring a different couple, but past couples and characters play active roles in future books.

Purchase Links


Free in Kindle Unlimited



Six Years Ago


A dim halo seeps around the heavy canvas our captors tack over the cell doors. After so long here, I can almost see in the dark. Small variations in the rock walls. The flutter of air moving a corner of the shroud. My toes—if I wiggle them. Not that I’ve tried recently. The infection will take my leg soon. Or my life. 
Let me fucking die already.
Ry’s gone. Escaped. Hours ago. Killed at least four on his way out. We were supposed to go together. But I can’t walk. He set my broken femur two weeks ago. One of the few times they let us stay in the same cell. But what should have been a minor burn festered, and now my whole leg is swollen and hot to the touch. At least they don’t tie me up anymore. 
Booted footsteps shuffle down the hall. I’m not as good as Ry. I can’t always tell who’s coming. The canvas is ripped away, and I blink rapidly, the dim lights of the hall searing my eyes after so long in the dark. 
Rough hands close around my arms, someone throws a bag over my head, and I’m dragged from my cell. My leg screams in agony, the white-hot pain sending me barreling towards unconsciousness. Until they drop me. 
Breathe. In and out. Focus. 
“Get him up,” Kahlid—the guy in charge—says, and I’m hauled onto a table. Before I can try to fight, they’ve tied my wrists together, then lashed me down with ropes around my torso, my hips, and my ankles. 
Oh fuck. This is new. 
“Sergeant Dash. How are you today?” As Kahlid pulls off the hood, I spit at him, but he’s too far away. 
“Fuck you.” 
The punch to my jaw isn’t unexpected. Hell, that’s how the fucker says hello. I taste blood, the metallic flavor turning my stomach. 
His smile worries me. As does the glint in his eyes. “Would you like some water?” 
This is some sort of trick. Say yes, and they’ll waterboard me. I grind my teeth together, glaring at him, but in my current state, I doubt it’s very effective. After Kahlid nods, one of his lackeys grabs my jaw and digs in, forcing me to open my mouth. A pill lands at the back of my throat, followed by half a bottle of water, and unprepared, I swallow before I can stop myself. 
“Antibiotics only, Dash. Do not look so…frightened.” Starting to pace with his fingers laced behind his back, he continues. “Your friend Ryker killed several of my men last night.” 
“Good for him.” Another punch, more blood staining my lips. “You gonna keep that up? You want me to talk, it ain’t gonna happen if you break my jaw.” 
“I do not want to hurt you, Dash. I only want to know where your friend Ryker was going. He will not get far. We shot him many times. I am worried for him. Tell me his escape route, and I promise you, he will not be harmed when we find him. We will treat his wounds and send him to hospital.” 
“Yeah. And I’m Santa Claus.” I don’t have the energy to keep this up. My leg throbs with every beat of my heart, my split lip is swelling rapidly, and I’m nauseous from the water they forced down my throat. 
Kahlid leans over me, and shit. The bastard’s a good actor. He actually manages to look…concerned. “What I have to do, Dash…you will not heal from this.” 
Is he finally going to kill me? Fear snakes its cold, bony fingers around my heart, but I’m so far gone, so weak, in so much pain death would be a welcome relief. “That’s not…my…fucking…name. Whatever you’re…gonna do…just get it…over with.” 
Behind Kahlid, two of his lackeys pull on thick, rubber gloves, and my stomach churns. Not the blowtorch. Or a belt. Or even a metal rod. This…has to be something different. Kahlid grabs a fistful of my hair—it’s longer now. Hangs into my eyes. “Where is he? Tell me and I will not have to do this.” 
“Go…to…hell,” I grunt. “You’ll never…find him.” 
Kahlid slams my head down on the wooden table, and the edges of my vision darken. His crooked smile is the last thing I see as a harsh, caustic liquid splashes into my eyes, and I start to scream. 

* * *

The metal tray lands on the stone floor with a crash, and I jerk awake, my heart racing. The cell door slams shut, and a weak glow of light dims as the canvas flops back down. I don’t know how long it’s been since they blinded me. Kahlid told me I screamed for half a day. Then he broke the last two fingers on my left hand when I still wouldn’t talk. The one time they dragged me out of this cell since, my whole world was a muted sea of dull, washed out colors and agony every time I forced my swollen eyes open. 
Crawling slowly, only able to use one arm and one leg without passing out from the pain, I feel along the filthy stone floor until I find the edge of the tray. 
Fuck. I hope Ry made it. 
I scoop up a bit of the rice slurry with my uninjured hand, then let it fall through my fingers. I can’t. They’ve taken everything. Dax Holloway doesn’t exist anymore. Hell killed him. I don’t know when it happened. Every beating. Every scar. Every time they threw me in that goddamned hole. Left me there until I was out of my mind with hunger. 
I can’t walk. Can’t make a fist with my dominant hand. Can’t…see. Why keep fighting? Months ago, I was ready to give up. Starved myself for what I think was a week. Until they force fed me, then whipped Ry until his back was bloody. But he’s gone. Safe. Or dead. 
Forcing myself to sit up, I grab the tray and fling it against the bars. That’ll earn me another beating. More broken bones. I don’t give a shit. “You want me to talk? How’s this? You’re all a bunch of sadistic fucks. You can carve me into a thousand pieces, and I’ll still never tell you what you want to know!” 
I collapse, my head hitting the dirty floor. Shouts echo down the winding stone hall, and I try to scramble back, knowing they’ll come for me. I don’t care what they do, but I won’t make it easy for them. 
Despite all the months I’ve been here, I still can’t understand much Pashto. But Kahlid’s men sound panicked. Heavy footsteps race down the hall past my cell, and then…
Not AKs. Not Taliban guns. Colt M4s. SEALs. Special Forces. Rangers. 
“Go, go, go!” someone shouts, a hint of a Southern twang coloring their words. 
“Four hostiles down,” another voice responds. “Clear.”
Wrapping my good hand around the bars, I try to pull myself up. “American,” I call weakly. “Here.”
“Get that goddamn door open. Now.” Light flares, bright enough to penetrate my swollen lids, as the canvas is ripped away, and a dark shadow looms as someone breaks the lock. “Holloway?”
“Yes.” I reach out a tentative hand and find a tactical vest as the man kneels next to me. “Who—?”
“West Sampson. SEAL Team Eight on a joint op with ODA. Can you—”
“Where is he?” Ryker roars from down the hall. 
Oh God. He made it. 
“Third cell,” West calls. “I’m bringing him out.”
Only a few feet away now, Ryker growls, “No one touches him but me. Dax?”
I jerk my head towards his voice, opening my eyes, desperate to see him. Except…I can’t. Not after what those fuckers did to me. The pale reddish glow from the hall brightens as the heat of a flashlight paints my face. 
“Fuck. Dax, what the hell…? Your eyes.”
“Questions later,” West says. “This place is coming down as soon as we’re clear. Get him up and move.” 
“Where’s Kahlid?” Ryker asks as he hauls me over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, his arm hooking under one knee as he grips my wrist tightly. Unable to see or tell up from down, I can’t orient myself, and nausea crawls up from my stomach when he starts hustling down the hall. 
Shouts, another three shots. “Blue Team Alpha approaching egress point. Need a location on Target Zulu,” West says. 
We start to climb. I’m…safe. I’m going home. The tears gathering in my burned and blistered eyes send shooting pain through my skull, but I don’t care. 
“Roger that. Kahlid’s down. They’ve got him at the mouth of the cave. He’ll be dead in five minutes.” 
“Then we’ve got time.” Ryker’s voice lowers, turns grave. “He’s ours, Sampson. Give us sixty seconds alone with him, then we’re gone.”
West doesn’t respond—at least not that I can hear. The first whiff of fresh, free air smells like heaven, and then West orders everyone to fall back. Somewhere below me, I hear raspy, rattling breathing. 
“I told you I’d kill you,” Ryker says as he bends and sets me on my feet. Keeping an arm around my waist so I don’t collapse, he presses a pistol into my hand. 
“I can’t see, Ry,” I whisper. “You have to—”
He shifts me. “Put your other arm around my shoulders and hang on. I’ll aim for you. We fire together.”
With a nod, I clutch the back of his tactical vest so I don’t fall, and he supports my left arm with his. To my right, he cocks his pistol. 
“Fifteen months, asshole. Every day, I pictured this moment. When your last sight would be the two men who took down Hell. Say your prayers, fucker.” After a beat, Ryker snorts. “On second thought…don’t.” 
We fire together, and as the gun falls from my shaking hand, Ryker says, “We’re going home, brother.” 
Home. As Ryker half-carries me down the mountain and a series of explosions shakes the ground under our feet, I start to sob. We might be going home, but I’ll never see Boston again.

Author Bio

Patricia D. Eddy lives in many worlds. Witches, vampires, and shifters inhabit one of them, military men and women fill another, with sexy Doms and strong subs carving out the final slice of her literary universe. She admits to eleven novels (though there are at least five unfinished drafts on her desk right now), all while working a full-time job, running half-marathons, and catering to the every whim of her three cats. Despite this whirlwind, she still finds time to binge watch Doctor Who all of the Netflix Marvel shows, and most recently, The Handmaid's Tale. Oh, and she hopes to one day be able to say that she plays the guitar. Right now, she mostly tortures the strings until they make noise.

Author Links

LoveAfrica BookClub
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Touching her could start a war | Get Lucky by @MadisonFayeSmut #SteamyRomance

Title: Get Lucky
Author: Madison Faye
Genre: Standalone St. Patrick's Day
MFM Ménage Romance Novella
Release Date: March 11, 2019


Wanting her could destroy us.
Touching her could start a war.
But the consequences stopped mattering the moment we knew she’d be ours.
Now sharing her is our obsession, and we won’t be stopped…

They call us Kings. Born on the war-torn streets of Belfast and trained in the hard-knocks life of crime, now we’re two ruthless Kingpins at the very top of the Irish mob. And we’re visiting Boston for one reason: to kill the man who hurt one of our own.

But “the plan” goes out the window the second she walks into the room. Gorgeous, alluring, and feisty as hell. Sharp green eyes, blazing red hair, and legs a man can only dream of feeling wrapped around his waist.

But Phoebe’s also entirely off-limits. She’s forbidden fruit, and dangerous as fuck. Hell, she belongs to the man we’re here to kill. But then, she stopped being another man’s woman the second he put her up as a bet in a card game.

…And when the chips fall? Well, you better believe we’re going to collect our prize.

Tangling ourselves with her could mean losing everything. But one taste of her sassy lips and freckled skin makes us lose all control, and we know we won’t be stopped from taking what’s ours.

Because now, we’ve got a new plan: claim her as our own, keep her safe, and destroy anyone who tries to take her from us.

We’re not sure if Phoebe’s got any Irish in her.

…but she’s about to

Ready for completely over-the-top, extremely unrealistic, insta-love fantasy at its finest? We’re talking page two forever-love, so buckle up, hang on tight, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Grab a pint, raise a toast, and get ready for twice the growly alpha goodness. Sláinte!

This mfm romance is all about her – no m/m. As with all my books, this standalone novella is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.

Purchase Links

99c for a limited time!!


Free in Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio

USA Today and #1 bestselling contemporary romance author Madison Faye is the dirty alter ego of the very wholesome, very normal suburban housewife behind the stories. While she might be a wife, mom, and PTA organizer on the outside, there's nothing but hot, steamy, and raunchy fantasies brewing right beneath the surface!

Tired of keeping them hidden inside or only having them come out in the bedroom, they're all here in the form of some wickedly hot stories. Single-minded alpha hero, sinfully taboo relationships, and wildly over-the-top scenarios. If you love it extra dirty, extra hot, and extra naughty, this is the place for you! (Just don't tell the other PTA members you saw her here...)

Join the newsletter reader group for author updates, special prices, and two FREE books!

Author Links

LoveAfrica BookClub
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Can one night of fun turn into a forever? #Romance Mayra Statham - Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress
by Mayra Statham

US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Genre: Contemporary Romance - Short Story

All I was looking for was a good time, and thanks to my little black dress, it looks like I hooked Enzo Carlino's attention. 

He's a grown man with a wicked sense of humor and glimmer in his eyes that promises he can deliver a memorable night.

One night of fun turns into two, and now I don't know what to do. I'm a school teacher, not a regular LBD-wearing minx. Can one night of fun turn into a forever?

Add caption

Follow the Author

Follow the Author

Mayra Statham resides in southern California with her three kids and husband. When she isn't writing or hanging with family, you can find her hidden behind a romance novel while enjoying a highly caffeinated drink.

She loves hearing from readers. Connect with her on social media @mystathamwrites or email her at

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LoveAfrica BookClub
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