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How do you decide on a kink? Ellie Barker shares #UndercoverLovers @EllieBa3 #LGBT #books

A wide range of kinks.

How do you decide on a kink?

Well, in my case...I don’t have to. While I’ve got two central characters in the Undercover Lovers trilogy - Nikolas and Sky - there’s a nice host of supporting characters, and Nikolas’ willingness to use sex to get himself out of (and into) situations means that everyone gets the chance to display just what makes them happy! I get to play with puppy play, exhibitionism, spanking, food, threesomes, and a whole range of mixed BDSM as well as just plain ol’ vanilla sweat, muscle and orgasms. Even then, there’s whole depths I haven’t gone down - I love that the world of sexual experiences and kinks is so varied, and the infinite possibilities of combining kinks and characters.

Admittedly, the range that I can explore comes at the price of depth; while a lot of the character relationships are explored to some extent, Nikolas and Sky’s is the only one that I had the luxury of delving into a little more deeply, and even then the focus is more on action. That said, it’s something I’d love to go into in more detail at some point...

But the varied characters does mean I get lots of time to explore everyone’s individual kinks, and I really enjoy exploring how sex can reveal and shape someone - whether they’re discovering something they didn’t know they liked, exploring something they did, or even realising that they don’t enjoy something. A character’s - and a person’s - limits can be as sexy and revealing as their actions, and it’s as hot to write a scene where someone knows exactly what’s going to turn them on as it is to write one where someone’s just discovering a new sensation.

So, kinks, hot sex and plenty of interesting characters - what’s not to like?



Excerpt from the Undercover Lovers Trilogy:

There’s something about fucking people I hate that I absolutely love.

It’s partly the pleasure. I can make them writhe, moan, plead for me to just keep doing what I’m doing. I can stop, teasing and taunting, sliding in and out slowly, flicking a clit or a nipple with my fingers or tongue. I can reduce them to a begging, panting mess just by using my body and my cock.

And it’s partly the sense of power. It’s being able to bend them naked over whatever I want, grip their hips, thrust in again and again. I love the way my hips slam into their skin, the way my fingers pinch and tug flesh, eliciting moans of pleasure even when I’m hurting them.

And it’s definitely the ability to make them orgasm. I can make them scream and groan, squirt over my fingers or pulse cum over their skin. I can draw it out, getting that build-up oh oh oh! until it snaps and they shake, jerking under me, held by my hands and cock and mouth as they can’t control their pleasure.

To see someone I hate at my command, helpless under my tongue, is really satisfying.

Case in point: Tanya Mardos. Blonde, large-breasted, round-assed, and quite frankly one of the biggest bitches I’ve ever met. She was a bitch to my girlfriend, and she’s a bitch to most of the people around her. She’s also a grade-A bitch when it comes to business, mostly because she doesn’t shy away from the illegal side of things.

She’s usually quite nice to me, but that’s because I have a cock and I know how to make her come—multiple times, if necessary. I’m a tool that she likes, especially right now, because I’ve just given her a screaming orgasm in her favourite position: up against the floor-to-ceiling windows of her penthouse, with everyone outside able to see her hot, naked body.

Not that they can, incidentally, because security dictates the glass is one-way. But it’s a fantastic illusion, and considering Tanya is an exhibitionist, she makes the most of it.

She’d just finished making the most of it, and headed back into the room to pick up a drink from the desk as I wiped my face and remembered how to breathe.

Ellie Barker’s Undercover Lovers trilogy: the complete set.

Secrets and Spies

When Nikolas Jinsen, police mole, meets an unusual woman named Sky, he thinks he's just in for a night of pleasure. But he's soon pulled into a world of mafia dealings, stolen documents, hacked computers and kidnappings - not to mention a woman with a taste for exhibition, a Queen who demands payment in pleasure, and Sky herself; unusual, intoxicating, and wanting more than Nikolas may be willing to give.

In Bed with the Enemy
Nikolas Jinsen, police mole and mafia odd-job man, is given an ultimatum; stop seeing his girlfriend, or lose his job. When a hasty attempt to keep both goes wrong, he does the only thing he can think of: he lies. But with his new roommate a member of the elite gang that Nikolas has been tasked to look into, and his assignations with his girlfriend constantly interrupted by calls on his services as a lover, Nikolas finds that work isn't all fun and games.

For Queen and Country
Nikolas Jinsen, police mole and mafia odd-job man, is usually pretty easy-going - both at work and in the bedroom. But there's one thing he doesn't forgive, and when an opportunity for revenge comes up against the woman who insulted his girlfriend, Nikolas is in… even if the woman in question is the powerful mafia boss who is currently retaining Nikolas' services as a lover. Revenge is best served hot - and steamy.

Undercover Lovers is a fun LGBT erotic crime comedy novella trilogy.

Check out Kay's fantastic review of the Undercover Lovers series.

Amazon Buy links:

Author bio:
Ellie mostly writes short'n'dirty flash fiction and short erotic fiction in any genre going. She prefers vampires over werewolves, and is always hot for a rainy night.

You can find out more about Ellie over at, or follow her on Twitter as @EllieBa3
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