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Will they ignore the chance of a lifetime? @AliyahBurke96 #interracial #99cents #suspense

Two headstrong, single-minded agents, one incredibly fiery passion, can they stay alive long enough to see where it leads?

Special Agent Taber Kysenzki is the DEA’s bad boy, he has no qualms of straddling the line of right and wrong, doing whatever necessary to get the job done. But when he botches up an undercover operation, he’s faced with a woman unlike any he’s met before.

She saves his life but doesn’t deign to give him the time of day. He’d heard rumours of an agent with his reputation in the ATF but hadn’t met her until today.

Special Agent Serefina LeBenoit is the ATF’s equivalent to Kysenzki. She knows all about him, how he goes through women and she doesn’t have any desire to be another notch on his belt. She has a rule of not sleeping with certain men, he fits that criteria. All that changes one night a few months after their first volatile meeting, when he tracks her down in a bar in New Mexico.

Circumstances bring them together again when a killer from her past resurfaces. Together they work, skirting the line of the law, to get the murderer off the street. Sparks fly hot between them as they close in on the target. When the bullets stop flying and the smoke clears, will they ignore the chance of a lifetime?

Discounted at Totally Bound to 99cents

Also available at Amazon and other retailers.

Love Africa Book Club
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  1. Have you heard of any issues with the Totally Bound site? Been trying to buy this book for three days without success...or a response from customer service. I keep getting an error when the site tries to link to PayPal. UGH!

    1. I bought my copy ages ago and there was no problem with Paypal then.

      Although, I had a Paypal problem yesterday (for a different website) and I called them up.
      They had to clear my cache.

      You should try clearing the cache in your browser (delete history), closing it down and trying again.

      Hope it works.


  2. Totally Bound finally got the problem fixed and I was able to purchase just a few minutes ago. But guess what? Now I can't send it to my Kindle! 😂😂😂 Only me, right? 😜

  3. Books are on the Kindle - whew! 😁

    1. Sorry, I've just seen your replies.
      It seems blogger stopped sending comment notifications to blog owners after the GDPR fiasco so now I don't know when someone leaves a comment.
      On my own blog!
      WTF, Blogger!

      Sorry, I had to rant. 😀
      Glad you sorted finally got the book and can read it. It's a great read with a fierce heroine and great male lead. Enjoy ❤️


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