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Page-turner #BookReview Her Lie His Truth @ARiskyDance #Suspense #Giveaway

by Monika Summerville

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Thriller

Seven years ago, as a parishioner of The Sanctuary of the Prophet, Kara King was asked by the administrators to help set up a journalist who’d been writing slanderous articles about their organization. They told her that the man had drug problems and abused women. At the age of twenty, Kara agreed to assist.

Seven years later she sees Jim Hollis, again. He just got out of prison for a rape and beating he didn’t commit. All he wants is the truth and will pull out all the stops to get it. Even lie to Kara.

With his brother’s help, Jim kidnaps Kara and begins trying to convince her that The Sanctuary has lied to her. Their Prophet is dead and they used her as a puppet.

Kara comes around and tells Jim everything that happened seven years ago. She also knows the administrators kept a file about what went on and if she can get that it would clear Jim’s name and overturn his conviction. 

Will Jim be able to get Kara to tell the truth or will the lies mess up any chance for them at life?


I've been in a kind of reading slump lately. It's been a while since I read a book that I didn't want to put down after every couple of chapters. I can honestly say that this book held my interest from beginning to the end. I found the premise intriguing.

Kara has known The Sanctuary of the Prophet for most of her life. Her parents are members of the cult and she was brought up believing every word of the 'prophet' was sacred. Seven years previously she helped to set up a journalist, Jim, who had been investigating the cult and lied against him in court, getting him convicted for rape.

Seven years later he's out on early release and looking for the truth so that his conviction can be quashed. But he's going to need Kara to tell what really happened on the night of their encounter years ago.

When Kara sees Jim again, she's still in denial about what happened years ago and things get complicated when she is bypassed for a promotion and ordered to marry another member of The Sanctuary.

When Jim kidnaps Kara it seems more like a godsend situation than divine retribution for her actions. And as Jim gradually reveals the truth about The Sanctuary to Kara, the question becomes will she relent and reveal the truth about what happened seven years ago.

I really enjoyed this story. The author managed to make me believe in these characters and their actions. From the moment I met Jim on the page, i believed that he cared about Kara despite the things she'd done in the past. I even agreed with his actions. He was only a man digging for the truth and trying to clear his name. When he saw Kara in trouble, he wanted to protect her. While he interrogated her, he was never cruel to her. As a reader you have no other option but to fall in love with him.

As for Kara, i believed that she had been groomed and brainwashed by the cult from a young age and that she did some bad things because she genuinely thought Jim had been bad and she was trying to protect the organisation she belonged. I also liked that she tried to make amends once she realised the truth.

My only beef, and this is subjective, is that about 88% into this story after what should have been a natural climax for a suspense/thriller type story, the characters had a falling out which led to a six-month separation. I felt as if this was added on to extend the story because nothing really changed in terms of their feelings for each other six months later. The things they did separately, they could've done together.

Having said that, this story is so easy to recommend to fans of erotic suspense. The chemistry between Jim and Kara totally sizzled. The suspense kept me turning the pages. And the insight into cults is totally believable. Grab your copy. You'll enjoy this one.

Reviewed by

Disclaimer: I volunteered to review this book.

“I know you lied.”

Kara heard a male voice behind her and turned. He stood only a foot away from her, but she’d know him anywhere. His face looked different now that he wore a beard, but she still recognized him.

Moving her chin up, she felt a frown on her lips. “I’m sorry, can I help you?”

The dark haired, blue-eyed man stared at her. “Come now, Kara. Let’s not play games.”

“Do I know you?”

“Only in the Biblical way. Your hair color is different, but I know it’s you because your green eyes haven’t changed. I spent seven years in prison because of you.”

She took a step back from the man. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know you.”

“You were a liar then and you’re still lying now. We can’t change what happened seven years ago, but I can get you to tell the truth now.”

Monika Summerville is an avid reader, loves good tense movies, and works hard on her writing. She lives in Western Washington State with her four cats, Agamemnon, Tazmania, Jasper and Jericho.

She has written The Risky Dance series - A Risky Dance, A Lost Dance, and A Flame Dance and Midnight Weary for Siren BookStrand.

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