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#BookReview Hunter by JM Dabney #Menage #LGBTQIA #GayRomance #Giveaway

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

Length: 160 pages

Cover Design: Winterheart Design

Brawlers Series

Crave (Book #1) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Psycho (Book #2) Amazon US | Amazon UK
Bull (Book #3) Amazon US | Amazon UK



If there was a way to destroy his life, Hunter Black could do it. He was a catastrophe waiting to happen. Survival was his only priority and having to leave his old life behind meant a job of the legal variety. He’d found one as a bartender at Brawlers Bar and a safe place in a huge house with the rest of the bar crew who quickly became the family he’d never had. The one thing

Hunter didn’t need was his old life tracking him down.

Deputy Wren Gramble hated his job and his weekend assignment of staking out a bar in the middle of nowhere waiting for drunks. Although he’d heard the homophobic and racist jokes going around about the crew and customers, he kept his head down and stuck to his job and nothing else. He despised being driven back into the closet, but he’d reached the end of the line, and he didn’t know what he’d do if he earned another transfer.

Linus Trenton was considered the normal one in his family and according to the weird ones that meant he should be punished daily. He never came out one way or another, if he found someone attractive, he was attracted. His life was complicated enough having a crush on the sweet and awkward Hunter, but now he had to throw Wren into the mix. Linus didn’t have time for dating or romance, most of the time he didn’t even think about having a sex life. Although, Wren and Hunter were ruining his calm.

Hunter was in lust with the handsome deputy the minute the man pulled him over, but a man like that wouldn’t give him the time of day. His friend, Linus, was another matter altogether. Hunter wanted both. His bosses made it work with their man, why couldn’t he? Could Hunter prove he wasn’t as much of a screw up as he appeared or would he have to call in backup to claim his men?


When I saw the title of the series I should've been clued in to what these stories are about. The Brawlers Bar and the group of people living and working around it are exactly that; noisy and disorderly.

This where we find Hunter who has been taken in by Bull and the gang and now works at Brawlers after a stint in prison. Hunter is a tall bear of a man but he is also a gentle soul. He lacks self-confidence and doesn't think much of himself.

So you can imagine his surprise when he find that Linus (of the Trenton family led by unconventional matriarch, Lily) who has been his friend for years feels more for him than just friendship.

At the same time deputy sheriff, Wren, is making moves on him. Of course Hunter shouldn't have anything to do with cops since he is on probation, especially in a town when the cops give the brawlers a hard time. Still, Wren isn't about to give up on him.

The question becomes, how can they resolve this love triangle and could it possibly become a threesome?

I'll be honest, this story was a little chaotic for me. For one there was a deluge of secondary characters. I know many of them where in previous books from the series and fans of the series would want to keep up with their faves. But it did feel a little OTT having them all in there in what seems like at the same time. Sometimes it was difficult to decipher who was saying and doing what. I had to go back and re-read some scenes. The wonky formatting didn't help.

While I enjoyed the interactions between Hunter, Wren and Linus, the development of the relationship between all three men, especially between Wren and Linus felt rushed. I can understand Linus getting shot as being a trigger for them to get together, but I wished there'd been some kind of conversation before they'd started snogging each other.

On the whole fans of the series would be excited about seeing Hunter find love and make a home with Linus and Wren while other outstanding issues are resolved. For one there's a new sheriff in town and the ending is a lovely touch. There were a few laugh-out-loud moment and some sweet ones. A good read.

Reviewed by

Disclaimer: I volunteered to review this book.

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Author Bio

J.M. Dabney is a multi-genre author who writes mainly LGBT romance and fiction. She lives with a constant diverse cast of characters in her head. No matter their size, shape, race, etc. she lives for one purpose alone, and that’s to make sure she does them justice and give them the happily ever after they deserve. J.M. is dysfunction at its finest and she makes sure her characters are a beautiful kaleidoscope of crazy. There is nothing more she wants from telling her stories than to show that no matter the package the characters come in or the damage their pasts have done, that love is love. That normal is never normal and sometimes the so-called broken can still be amazing.

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