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#BookReview Angel & Griff (Storming Love Series #1) by @EthanJStone #Scifi #Action

A meteor strike is about to change Angel Mocavo's life forever.

Angel is lost and has been since the death of his husband, Dante. A camping trip is supposed to clear his mind but instead he's thrust into a battle between forces he never knew existed.

Griff, a man unlike any Angel has met, makes him see and feel things he thought he never would again. When Griff's life is in jeopardy Angel will have to decide if he's going to risk his own safety or remain in the life he's always known.

Angel is a man with many regrets after the death of his husband, Dante. He is camping out at a mountain where he's planning to spread Dante's ashes, a spot where Dante came regularly. A place where he was invited to come with Dante but never did before now. He'd always used work as an excuse not to live life fully with his partner but after Dante died, Angel lost his job anyway due to many mistakes. Now he's adrift with remorse, not knowing where his life is headed. Until a meteor falls to earth not far from where he's camping and he encounters aliens and an organisation intent on experimenting with these aliens.

Griff is from another planet and had to escape to earth with his mate because another alien species had taken over their planet and enslaved his people. Unfortunately things don't exactly fare too well for them when they crash land onto the mountain range where Angel is camping. There is an organisation tracking them and ready to take them to a secure facility for experiments. Griff's mate dies and Griff is captured and Angel has to come to his rescue with a little help from his friends. ;)

What I loved about this story is that Angel and Griff were on equal footing emotionally. Angel is still mourning his husband's loss and Griff mourning his recent loss. It was sweet how they leaned on each other, even if Angel was a little reluctant to get physical at first.

The sci-fi elements of this story are believable and there is scope for the author to take the reader deep into this alternative world he's created. I'm assuming there are other stories in the series lined up. I want to find out more about Griff's people and their oppressors.

This has action and suspense enough to keep you flipping to pages to find out what happens next. I certainly enjoyed the John McClane moment (fans of Die Hard will recognise it) :)
Reviewed by

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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