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#BookReview With Tongue and Teeth by James Cox #Gay #Erotica @EvernightPub

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

The future is a city on Mars where the government rules with an iron fist of hatred. Romeo is part of the Outlaw MC. He’s a patch member with a hard-on for danger, and flirting is like breathing to him. His world caves when the government finds him having sex with another man. With a warrant now out for his execution, Romeo must take his leave of the only life he knows and join another MC that lives under Mar’s surface.

Justice is the Underground MC president. He’s survived slavery and the harsh environment outside the city. He’s prepared to push all the MC’s toward taking down the government but he hadn’t planned on his attraction to Romeo. The flirt thought with his penis and it almost got him killed. The war for equality doesn’t need that kind of liability. Justice has a hard past but when his life’s in danger, only one man comes to his rescue and he sure wasn’t expecting it to be the flirty white guy.

Can Romeo handle Justice's tongue and teeth?

So I've been wanting to read this story since I read the first book in the series. Since I met Justice, the president of Underground MC. I'm so glad he got his own story.

If you're not familiar with this series already, the stories are set in a distant future where humans live in one ever-expanding city in Mars and are ruled by a nasty man known as Wexmen. So many things are outlawed including alcohol and homosexuality. Women are and blacks are slaves. The good guys have become the outlaws and formed the Outlaw MC. The Outlaw MC as well as Underground MC fight to save humanity from Wexmen.

So this is Romeo's story and he lives up to his name when he is caught by the authorities having sex in a car with another man, something that is outlawed. Now he is in deep trouble and has to go and live with the Underground MC crew because he is a dead man otherwise.

Life under the surface of Mars is a whole other world. Justice is the leader of the Underground MC and they've hacked out living spaces in caves under Mars. Justice was a slave who killed his master and ran away. He has helped to rescue other slaves and they work together with Outlaw MC.

Justice is not pleased with Romeo at first, a man who seems to think with his dick. Justice has no time for that kind of shenanigans. But he can't avoid his attraction to Romeo. This isn't really a great time to get loved up as there's all kinds of heat coming at them. Plus the MCs seem to have mole in their midst feeding information to the government. Will Justice and Romeo get their act together or will the target on Romeo's back mean he's a dead man before they do?

Like all the previous books in the series, there's enough action both in and out of bed to keep this girl happy. The tension is ramping up with regards to the series arc and bad things are happening to the MC characters, that I really had my heart in my mouth as I read this. And if that whopper of an ending is anything to go by, things are going to get worse before it gets better. My only downer is that I didn't get into Justice's head. He's always seemed to be such a larger than life character that I've wanted to delve into his POV. Nevertheless, this is still mighty enjoyable. Roll on the next book.

Reviewed by

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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