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#NewRelease The Deception Game by @RavenMcAllan #Erotic #HistoricalRomance

Hello everyone,
So great to be here and able to tell you all about my latest release, The Deception Game, which is out from Evernight Publishing, and you can find it here

It’s what my mum would have called a bodice ripper—you know think Errol Flynn and swash buckling. I do like a bit of swash and buckle. Snigger and boy, my hero can’t half do both. Not that my heroine will let him rip her bodice, well not unless its her calling the shots. She’s quite determined that way.
I love her.
I often wonder what it would be like to have characters who aren’t quite so demanding. You know so I could plot out their story and stick to it. One day I might find out, but not with Bea and Jack. They kept me on my toes.
Mind you, I’d rather it be that way than predictable.

When you discover a man who has been both your downfall and your salvation is expected to offer for your sister, who loves another, what do you do?
Run interference of course.
Beatrice has been told Jack, Lord Trevithan is about to offer for her sister Louisa. Several years earlier, Beatrice had been banished from the ton due to Jack, and his escapades. Perhaps now it was time to get her own back?
It sounded all well and good, except both Jack and Bea have hidden agendas
Ones that could chance their lives forever.
If only each is prepared to listen to the other.

For all that her tummy was full of butterflies, Bea’s heartbeat quickened. The cottage was her haven, her retreat, hers and hers alone. Jack would never know he was the first—and probably the only—guest to be invited there. She made sure she kept Jack in her line of vision, as she bent and reached under a large flint to retrieve a key. “Not long now.” She tugged him forward so she could insert the key into the lock where it scraped and stuck.
He chuckled.
“It’s usual not to be able to get out of your prison, not to be unable to get in.”
Bea fought back the instinct to throw the key at him. “Shut up, my lord, or once you’re inside I may well lock the door and throw away the key.” The lock released and she pushed the door wide open. “After you.”
“To show I’m no gentleman?”
“No, to show you I’m no lady. Go in.”
His laugh was long, loud and as far as she could tell, genuinely mirthful. He took the two steps inside and waited until Beatrice shut and locked the door, and joined him.
“What now?”
Bea swallowed. “Go into the room on your left.” She nudged him in the back, and to her relief Jack moved in the direction she indicated. How long she could rely on his compliance she had no idea, but while it was there she would use it. After…she tried not to think about what would happen then.
Once inside the tiny parlor he shuffled to the couch and sat down heavily. Satisfied it would be harder for him to get up and accost her, Bea moved to the fireplace and stirred the embers of the fire she’d lit earlier. With a few more coals it took seconds for flames to spring up and send flickering shadows dancing around the room. Bea was so used to the elegant furnishings, so out of place in the cottage, she wondered why Jack chuckled. She looked up in query, and her heart lurched. Even disheveled and with a scratch down his right cheek he was heart-stoppingly handsome. His dark eyes shone in the firelight and the planes and angles of his face stood out starkly. Some almost forgotten pulse beat deep inside Bea and her skin itched with the need for something she thought she’d never want again. She raised one eyebrow, confident her hat kept her face in shadow.
“So incongruous.” Jack waved his hands in the air. “I expected little or no furniture, and a rough and ready hovel. This is elegant.”
 “Of course. I have no intention that your stay should be uncomfortable.” Bea sat back on her knees and faced him. “Well, no more than is necessary.” She tugged the hat down and her collar up.
“No? What do you intend?” He stretched his legs out in front of him, and his cloak fell open to showcase his sculpted body. Bea remembered hearing how the Earl of Trevithan went several rounds with Gentleman Jackson and proved himself credibly. The knit of his pantaloons stretched tight over his thighs, and the long hard ridge that stretched upward toward his waist drew her gaze toward it like a beacon. Bea looked away in a hurry. How could he be aroused by his situation?
Mind you, her body thrummed with that rediscovered emotion of excitement, and the sense she was standing on the cusp of something that would change her life forever. Banishment probably if I don’t sort this in a suitable way.
 “Cat got your tongue? Ah,” He looked down at his erection and then at her. “I see. Yes, it seems the fact I’m in your power excited me. The body works in mysterious ways, one is that fear…or intrigue, acts as a powerful aphrodisiac. What to do? Alas.” He raised his hands. “That is up to you. So? Your intentions, my dear?”
Bea stood up. “To feed you, my lord. And then well, we wait.”
Hope you enjoyed that wee tease. To find out more about this book, or any other of mine, just pop over to my website by clicking here

Happy reading,
love  R x

Love Africa Book Club
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