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#BookReview Corporal Domination by Cassandre Dayne #Interracial #BDSM #MM #Erotica

Dominating a powerful man isn’t easy…

Sometimes corporal punishment is needed

Kade Thompson is sick and tired of working sixty-plus hours a week. After all, he’s only an accountant, not a surgeon. For many he’s considered powerful and a sought-after catch, yet he hasn’t obtained all he hungers for. However, earning a six-figure income has allowed him to indulge in his every desire, including toys and rather kinky bouts of sin. He also enjoys an on-again, off-again push-and-shove relationship with his boss, Trevor Willis. While the sex is passionate, he craves being dominated by the six foot six god, but Trevor doesn’t seem interested. Tired of playing games, he’s ready to break off their relationship until an invitation to meet for a drink at The Peeping Hole—a mysterious and very exclusive club—has him more than curious.

When he finds out the club offers every aspect of kink, he’s breathless with excitement. As Kade waits for Trevor’s arrival, he’s given an offer he can’t refuse and one that might sate his every craving—if he will submit to the man behind the mask. Unfortunately what goes on behind the hallowed doors is required to stay a sensuous mystery. But can they keep up their end of the bargain and one forged in a touch of black magic? Only Alexander knows. Ssshhh… No peeping.

I am Alexander—a teacher, a scoundrel, a voyeur and a true entrepreneur. In my world there’s little left to the imagination. That is if you dare to taste what only I can offer. Welcome to The Peeping Hole, where every fantasy you’ve ever desired will come true. Leave your inhibitions at the door and join us. But you must remember, whatever happens here stays here, and trust me, I will know…

Two things drew me to this book when I saw it on Netgalley. First of all was the cover. OMG! It is smoking hot. I saw that and had to find out more. Then I read this line in the book description

"Dominating a powerful man isn’t easy…

Sometimes corporal punishment is needed"

And I simply clicked request it and downloaded it pretty much straight away, logged out of the computer, give the kids a wide berth and went to find a quiet location to read.

So Kade is an accountant who is stressed out with his 60-hour weeks and on/off relationship with his boss, Trevor. The sexy times between them are great but they haven't been together in weeks and he wants something more than just a casual relationship. He always wants to explore the kinky side of sex and submit to a man who will dominate him. So he's on the verge of breaking off his relationship with Trevor when Trevor offers him the opportunity to experience some kink at an exclusive BDSM club named The Peeping Hole. Kade isn't sure but grabs the opportunity.

Trevor has been living a closeted life. He is not out to his friends and family who expect him to settle down and marry a woman some day. He feels something strong for Kade and has finally made plans to take their relationship up the next level. If only he can convince Kade not to leave him. He offers Kade a very expensive gift of being 'trained' as a submissive at the BDSM club because he knows Kade really this and he hopes it shows Kade how strongly he feels about their relationship.

I already said I liked the cover and the premise of this story. The idea of a powerful man being dominated appealed to me. Unfortunately, Kade can hardly be described as a powerful man, unless you translate petulance and tantrums as power. He annoyed me a lot of the time and I really wished he'd get a tough Dom. Unfortunately neither Razor nor Trevor wielded enough dominance to subdue him. I mean, giving pain to a masochist is like giving candy to a child. It's not punishment. Just saying.

On the whole the story was okay. But it felt clunky in places and the whole mystery BDSM club effect that I was expecting didn't materialise. Unfortunately the 'magic' was lost on me. In terms of characters, Trevor was a whole lot more likeable and he carried the story for me. I'm not sure if this is going to be part of a series but I'd like the concept of the mysterious BDSM club developed better.

Honestly I was on the fence with this book. It's a quick enough read and there were aspects I enjoyed, like the BDSM processes. Making enough to tip it into the 3 instead of 2.5. I would give this author's books another shot. Anyway, if you enjoy BDSM books or MM erotica, then by all means give it a try.

Reviewed by 

Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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