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In the hot seat with Faerydae & Shomar from Exposed Ecstasy by @HoustonHavens #characterinterview

Happy Friday, people! We are excited to have not just one but two hot guys in the hot seat today. It is with pleasure that we interview Faerydae & Shomar from Exposed Ecstasy by +Houston Havens
Tessla is one lucky lady.

Check out their responses to our 20 hot seat questions.

  1. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

*Shomar smirks jabbing a thumb in Faerydae’s direction* Mine was getting this bloody bloke of a Fae here to be recognizing Tessla was the woman for us both.

*Faerydae’s brows raised then pinched together as he silently removes an Airborne pack of Cigarettes from his pocket and taps the bottom of the box against his thumb, causing two to pop up. Raising the entire package with the two protruding tips to his mouth, he slowly closed his lips around the highest one of the thinly rolled tobacco sticks and draws it out, after tucking the pack back into his shirt pocket he strikes a match off the heel of his boot and lights it. Drawing in a long inhale, he slipped his gaze over to the interviewer and gave her a wink, before slowly exhaling to say,*  Ya’d be thinking I’d be agree with that, but my greatest achievement is yet to come.

  1. What is your idea of perfect happiness?

*The men exchanged glances. Shomar answered,* Perfect happiness? If there is such a thing, for us it would be to be married to our beautiful Tessla Reto, have a huge family, and live in a world without deception, wars, and conflicts.

           *Faerydae looked at the interviewer with a devil’s twinkle in his large eyes* And what would be ya’er ideal happiness?

  1. What is your current state of mind?

*Shomar laughed.* At my last checkup, I was told I be sane.

Me too, but if ya be asking him, *Faerydae smirked, pointing at Shomar,* he’ll be telling ya, I’m not.

*A large smile crossed Shomar’s face, as he teased* No Fae is sane...they’re a bunch of crazies running amuck. *A brotherly punch from Faerydae calmed his antics.*

  1. What is your most treasured possession?

*Faerydae spoke up first* Tessla.

*Shomar smacked him in the arm* Don’t be calling our woman a possession. She’s not something ya own. How many bloody times must I be telling ya, ya be cherishing a woman, not be owning her.

Of course we own her. She’s ours. *Faerydae frowned*

*Shomar turned to the interviewer* Sorry. If ya didn’t be guessing by now. Faerydae’s of Fae blood. And though I’m of the infamous alpha Star Rider bloodline, I do be knowing better. *Turning back to Faerydae he added*  I know we Star Riders think everything that is ours is our possession, but the fact being is...we don’t own Tessla...she’s our woman, Faerydae, not an object. So, please, be naming ya’er bloody Fae oil lamp or ya’er home in Elfhame, those things ya possess. Don’t be naming our woman.

*Faerydae crushed out his cigarette and remained silent but not for long*

  1. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

*He shot a glare at Shomar*  Can I be naming Tessla now?
            I think we’ll both be naming her...the greatest love of our lives.
  1. What is your most marked characteristic?

*Shomar folded his arms over his chest in thought then said* I be believing it’s my ability to listen.

*Faerydae smirked, his eyes twinkling when he said,* I’ve got a characteristic’s a tattoo. Would ya be caring to see it?

*Shomar jerked a look at his friend then rolled his glance to the sky* Bloody hell, that’s not what she’d be asking ya when she’s talking characteristic!

*Faerydae gave a devilish chuckle and shrugged*

  1. When and where were you the happiest?

*Faerydae’s laughter stopped, his expression deepening into a serious look* I be happiest when I be in Tessla’s arms in Elfhame ~ my home in Fae land.

*Shomar nodded silently agreeing then added* ...but with me in her arms, not this bloody chap.

  1. What is it that you most dislike?

*In unison they answered* Landen Reto.

  1. What is your greatest fear?

*Faerydae grit out between clinched teeth* That all his evilness Reto wins the war. We must win if we be saving mankind from the darkness of hell that surrounds Reto.

  1. What is your greatest extravagance?

*Faerydae’s lips slashed into a cocky grin* That would be finding a woman.
*Shomar’s lips seamed before clarifying.* What Faerydae be meaning is—finding love, happiness, and health. Finding peace.

  1. What is your greatest regret?

*The men exchanged looks, then both shook their heads and remain silent*

  1. What is the quality you most like in a woman?

*Faerydae’s face lit up with what appeared to be mischief. Catching it, Shomar held up his hand and answered.* That be having the ability to be strong in adversity.

*Faerydae’s shoulders dropped.* Bloody-bleedin’  hell, Shomar...this is an interview. Ya’er supposed to be entertaining, not snore-em-up boring with answers like that.

And be telling me what’s wrong with that answer? It’s the truth.*Shomar looked to the host to confirm his statement*

  1. What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

There be nothing deploring about me. Now him— *Faerydae pointed at Shomar* well, just be listening to his answers, and ya’ll be knowing exactly what’s deploring about him…he’s boring.

  1. What is the trait you most deplore in others?

*Shomar laughs* He already answered that. Next question.

  1. What do you most value in your friends?

*The men looked at each other. Faerydae answered.* What I be valuing most is his honor and his love...he’s like a brother to me.

I be seconding that about Faerydae. *Shomar smiled*

  1. Who is your favorite hero, fictional or real?

Jenjanas is my hero. *Shomar spoke* He is a descendant of the last honest Politician...his ancestor be serving the people from 1998 until 2003. He be the original hero who tried to warn the people about the underground building, the stolen tax dollars, the deceit and lies feed to them. He be warning them, they were under secret attacks by their own governments through genetically modified foods, contaminated chemtrails, government polluted air and water supplies, staged plagues and such. 

*Faerydae shook his head* I have no hero.

  1. On what occasions do you lie?

   *Shomar looked offended, Faerydae smirked and said,* Anytime a lie be keeping me alive.
   *Shomar smirked adding*  Or out of trouble with ya’er woman.

  1. Which is your favorite word or phrase?

*Shomar smiled,* I love ya, of course—isn’t that everyone’s fav?

  1. What is your least favorite word or phrase?

Kill him. *Faerydae gave an ironic laughed.*

     *Shomar frowned, jerking his chin toward Faerydae.* Mister Romantic over here.

  1. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

*Shomar thought for a moment then said,* It’s bloody hard for me to be saying...that would be a better questions to ask Tessla.

*Faerydae winked,* Not a bloody thing—haven’t ya heard—I’m perfect.

*Shomar roared with laughter*

 Thank you to Faerydae and Shomar for indulging us. Find out more about them in Exposed Ecstasy by Houston Havens. 

Here's the blurb

Daughter of the Dirt Dweller’s ruler; Tessla Reto attempts to escape the Underworld after the mysterious disappearance of her best friend. She knows her untimely death is also near if her father, Landen Reto discovers her part in forming the rebels to fight against him. The two men sent to help her get away are killed and she’s rescued by a handsome stranger…or is she?
Faerydae returns to Earth in search of an inner peace his soul can’t find after the death of his friend Chandra Lamar. Instead, he finds himself in an unplanned rescue of a woman that stirs everything he’s fought a lifetime to deny. Can Faerydae stay focused on his goal to expose his past and true Fae bloodline, or will destiny play her hand? 
Shomar’s uncomplicated world is tossed asunder when his best friend, Faerydae, shows up with a stray puppy and a woman who steals the heart of his soul the moment he looks at her. Only to discover Faerydae and the woman claim they can’t stand each other, yet his intuition tells him otherwise. Will Shomar be able to win the woman of his dreams or will Faerydae always have her heart?
Will Tessla find her freedom? Will Faerydae keep his, or will Shomar succeed in his plan to expose them to their hidden ecstasy? 

Here's an excerpt

Faerydae proceeded to tether her hands to the post of the captain’s chair with one of the silky ropes. An inflaming need consumed her the second she felt the material touch her flesh. Those were no normal ropes. They infused her body with a demanding desire for the ultimate pleasure.
“Spread her legs apart.” Faerydae commanded Shomar.
He did as ordered and grabbed her ankles, parting them wide to expose her throbbing pussy, making her feel vulnerable. The tawdry revealing of her wet and swollen genitalia uncovered a secret pleasure of hers; exhibitionism. She’d spent a life time covering up her need and the pleasure she got from exposing herself. Until now, her only outlet had been released through fantasies.
Faerydae smirked as if he knew her hidden pleasure. As he tied another one of his transcending ropes around one of her ankles, her needs heightened for more decadent behavior. She clamped her teeth down over her bottom lip, fighting the urge to demand he bind her pussy lips with one of his magic ropes. She wanted to feel the silkiness of the braid slid through her wet slit and rake over her needy asshole. She lowered her head to her chest and moaned as she warred with her need to expose her dirty desires.
“I want to see...” He used the word as if he knew about her need. “ wet her beautiful pussy is and if she’s ready for us.” Faerydae stood there ogling her, and she felt her clitoris tug at her in arousal. Her nipple hardened as she watched him and Shomar gawk at her wet slit. Faerydae’s mesmerized stare focused on her pussy was making her heart pound with exhilaration. He was studying her feminine part; how her outer swollen lips cover every fold of her inner lips. His gaze seemed to absorb her seductive, innocent pink coloring, but when she saw his tongue move over his bottom lip with a hungry swipe, she just about came. Her legs tensed. Her pussy throbbed. Her heart filled with pleasure. She could see he desired her pussy, be it wrapped around his rock-hard cock or slipping his tongue between her fleshy slit, he wanted her.
“Oh God!” Her mind was on fire with a burning arousal, and her body was in need of their throbbing cocks.
Shomar’s gaze drifted from her pussy up her body to stop at her breasts. She jostled them for his watching pleasure. He moved up, acting as if he were checking her wrist ties, but manage a taunting brush of his arm across her hard nipples several times, as he feigned tightening the knots on her wrists. When he backed away, his let his fingers grazed over her breast then returned to tweak her nipple.  

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About Houston Havens

Houston Havens retired from a successful modeling career and an adventurous jet-set lifestyle to set the world on fire with her erotic romance books. A tenacious Irish lass, she strives to entertain with seductive stories created from her decadent imagination and traces of a provocative lifestyle she may or may not admit to.

Her interest in the paranormal, fascination with quantum science, passion with myths, and the lure of her mysterious Celtic Irish-Druid bloodlines are combined with generally unknown truths, strange facts, and questionable fiction. Her novels reflect a mix of the past, present, and future, with sexy blends of futuristic science fiction, paranormal fantasy, western romance, and always love everlasting. An author of six romances, a seven book erotic romance series and numerous articles in literary magazines.

Stop by for a visit and leave a comment at


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  1. OMGOSH! I see my boys made it over here to chat with you and your readers...they're quite a pair...but lovable!
    Well, I hope your readers enjoyed the chat and will give my series a read. Thanks for having Faerydae and Shomar here today.


  2. Great to meet Shomar and Faerydae. Great interview, Kay. The excerpt is hot. I look forward to reading this

  3. Hi glad to hear you liked the excerpt...I hope you enjoy the entire Psychic Menage series.


  4. This series is to die for. I've been obsessed since Sinful Surrender and I'm eagerly awaiting Book FOUR!!!!

    1. This should be a great read. Thanks for stopping by, Anita.


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