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#BookReview Seize Me From Darkness by Cari Silverwood #erotica #Giveaway

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Seize me From Darkness (Pierced Hearts #4)


by Cari Silverwood

Seize me from darkness Cover
This book is part of a dark erotic fiction series and may disturb some readers.
In this dirty, bloody world we live in, the answers to prayers aren't always pretty angels. Retaken by human traffickers, Jazmine's one hope is ex-cop, ex-mercenary, Pieter, a man with a glower that stops lesser men in their tracks. She prays he can save her. But this savior is far from perfect and his flaws may prove as devastating to Jazmine as the torture of her captors. The fire of dominance never dies. *can be read as a standalone novel
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Kay's Review

I have to start by saying this book has some harrowing scenes containing captivity and none consent as well as VERY dubious consent. There is nothing safe, sane or consensual about the BDSM in this story and there are loads of scenes that could form triggers for some readers.

Having said that, I enjoyed this story although it didn't really pick up for me until about halfway when the stakes where raised between the two man characters.

The story starts with both of them in captivity. Apparently Pieter helped Jazmine escape from her captors. Pieter had been a guard working for the slavers at the time. They were both recaptured and imprisoned. So from the start there was already a connection of sorts between Pieter and Jasmine even if they didn't know each other very well.

Then Pieter is coerced into doing things to Jazmine. He doesn't want to at the start but when he does, he actually enjoys the things he does to her. He is a sadist. Jazmine is confused by her response to Pieter's dominance and sadism. For a woman who doesn't like being touched, he unraveled her very quickly. At this point I was thinking 'where is the conflict?'

And then things ramp up because their captors up the game. Jazmine begins to see Pieter in a different light. What kind of man was she allowing into her mind? How are they going to get out? Are they ever going to escape?

I was intrigued by the suspense around why Jazmine was kidnapped. Was it just a random abduction? Who was the client who visited every weekend and wanted them to perform for him/her?

But just when Jazmine thinks she's been rescued, her rescuer becomes her tormentor, an even worse kind of tormentor in my opinion. Personally I wished she'd shot him. Do I think what they have is love? No. Hello, stockholm syndrome. Also, I think the ending is a little bit too neat for me. But that's just my opinion.

But hey, it's fiction and it's well written. Grab a copy if you enjoy dark captive erotica.

Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Playing God in Dark Erotic Romance Writing

All writers get a bit of a god complex. We have these imaginary but often seemingly real (in our heads) people who we get to play with. We get to experiment and see what will happen if a weird twisty plot thingummy falls at their feet or on their heads. When you translate that general role of the Grand Deliverer of the Hand of Fate into being the author of a nasty dark erotic book you get the same woohoo and mwhahahahaa satisfaction from the writing, only 10 gazillion times better.

You see a good book is a book where bad things happen, where obstacles topple in front of our characters, and oh baby, the obstacles we get to play with in these nasty stories...

One of the essential ingredients you need to possess to be a writer is to like torturing your characters. Then after all that torturing, pages and pages and pages of it, finally, at the very, very end, you can let them reach that carrot on a stick you’ve dangled before their eyes for like most of their story lives. You pat them on the head, feel happy for them, and also sad all the crazy stuff is over.

You can also leave them wallowing in misery, or dead. Authors can be cruel and should probably be in therapy.

Then you rub your hands together in glee and begin another story. More torturing characters. Yay!

Of course, in dark erotic stories the torture often really is torture, even if the woman (assuming it is) gets to have a few dozen orgasms during it. You can even sprinkle in some horror with the gritty romance, the kink, the nasty villains, and the sexual depravity. That’s what attracts me to writing these – the vast scope. I can swing from writing sex scenes so hot the plastic on my keyboard melts, to writing moments where the blood gushes and the screams echo. You can gather by this that daisies and fluffy unicorns and rainbows are not my natural environment.

If you ever see a rainbow in my story, there’ll be most likely be a rip-roaring gory battle scene on the next page along with a unicorn gasping out its last breath. The virgin will be tied up, naked, and over some black knight’s saddle with him trotting off into the sunset with his prize.

Darkness gets under a writer’s skin.

It’s taken me a while to sort out what I can do in my Pierced Hearts stories, and I’m still learning. The first book was so tame compared to where Seize me From Darkness goes that I’m a bit stunned. Each book has grown darker and more terrible in what the hero is willing to do to keep his woman, and more violent in what the villain might wish to do to my main characters. In fact books one and two had no true villain at all.

When I do write villains, you should really keep your fingers and toes clutching your eReader at all times, or risk being minus a few body parts by the end of the story.

Mmm, villains.

You have been warned. Keep your eyes open while reading, no flinching on pain of severe chastisement, take a torch with fresh batteries, and hang on tight for the ride in Seize me From Darkness.

Surgical replacement of souls and digits is not included in the price.
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Author Bio
cari silverwood
Cari Silverwood is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of BDSM stories and dark erotic fiction.
She writes the way the world should be - dangerous and sexy with bullets piercing the darkness and lovers wrenched close by ropes. When you need escape, when you need that rough lover to bring you to your knees, here you will find stories to singe your fingers. The taste of adventure, the tang of BDSM, the burn of fantasy run wild. Brace yourselves, if you dare to read. this real world, she has a lovely family in Australia, with the prerequisite teenager who dwells in the dark bedroom catacombs...a husband who raises eyebrows when he catches glimpses of what she writes, and a menagerie of other animals barking, meowing, and swimming about the place.

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