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#BookReview Viking Thunder by @EmmanuelledeM #erotica #historicalfiction

'We all struggle. We all desire.'

When the Northmen's ship is brought ashore in a storm, Elswyth is faced with the prowess of Eirik: a giant of a man who lets nothing stand in his way.

Elswyth struggles to remain independent, but cannot deny her sexual attraction and, ultimately, the satisfaction she finds in Eirik's bed.

Can Eirik offer her more, and what dark secrets await Elswyth, if she returns with the Northmen to their distant lands?


The vikings have arrived at Elswyth village, killed most of the men including the chief who was Elswyth's husband and raped the women including Elswyth.

Elswyth is angry at the invaders but cannot deny the attraction she feel to Eirik their leader when he takes her to bed and shows her pleasures she's never experienced in her husband's bed.

Soon she is questioning her beliefs, her place and her future. Should she stay in a place she knows and yet feels a stranger in or should she go with the marauding strangers who seem to have found a place in her heart.

This is a quick read and yet it is packed with depth that I don't usually see in short stories. The writing style is captivating and I was totally immersed in this book. Really cannot fault it.

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Disclaimer: I volunteered to review this book.


  1. Kay - I'm so delighted that you enjoyed the story...
    Thank you for taking the time to read and review, and for your huge thumbs up xxx

    all love

    1. Hi Emmanuelle,

      You're welcome! I totally enjoyed your book.

      Kay xx


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