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Sweet perfection! #BookReview One More Time by Ethan Stone #MMRomance @ethanjstone

One More Time

Love, Vegas Style, Book 3

Small town cop Will Jacoby is comfortable in his life, or so he thinks. When he realizes that Brannon Frost, his neighbor and friend, has grown into a handsome young man, he’s confused by his interest. Things get even more messed up in Will’s head when Brannon kisses him.

A man would know he’s gay before the age of thirty, right?

When Brannon’s father dies, Will steps up and becomes the friend Brannon needs. Soon Will is no longer able to deny his feelings for the young man, even though it could damage his carefully constructed life and career.

This story was formerly part of the multi-author anthology Uniform: A Man in Uniform MM Bundle.

Approximately 15 thousand words/75 pages.

Yes! I love this book. I have to admit this series is so varied and fun to read. We had the raunchily erotic first book, then the roller-coaster that was the second book. In this third book of the series, the author brings you a beautiful and tender story.

Will is a cop in a small town. His life is pretty sorted. He has a good friendship with Brannon, a young man, whom he's watched grow up. When Brannon kisses him, Will is confused. What are these feelings he's developing for Brannon? He couldn't suddenly be gay at the age of thirty, surely not?

When Brannon's father dies and he's left alone, Will steps in and becomes his shoulder to lean on and his source of comfort. He begins to realise that no matter how much he tries to deny it, he feels a lot more for Brannon than just friendship.

We stayed in Will's POV throughout but I never felt as if I was missing anything. Brannon's feelings and emotions were displayed for the reader to see in all his interactions with Will. In truth the conflict was always Will's.

This story is just wonderful. I had a lump in my throat on several occasions. I'll admit it's not the raunchiest story I've read by this author. But that wouldn't have fitted these characters.

This story is about finding yourself and falling in love for the first time. It's delightful. It's beautiful. It's sexy. Sweet perfection!

I should mention that the books in the 'Love, Vegas Style' series by this author are novella length, basically less than 100 pages. If you're like me and sometimes want a quick #MMRomance read to get lost in, then they are just right.

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Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

One More Time is available from: AMAZON | KOBO | B&N

Here's a teaser from one of my favourite scenes

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