Friday, 9 October 2015

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Years ago author Micah Shea had a dream about a sexy adventurer, seeing the man in perfect detail. He’s been using the hot fellow as his muse—and star of his books—ever since. He’s always assumed Declan Muse was just a figment of his imagination.

That all changes when he meets avid reader Trevor, who is the exact embodiment of Declan, down to the phoenix tattoo on his back. At first Micah is drawn to Trevor because of the uncanny resemblance to the man of his dreams, but it soon becomes more than that and Micah falls for the real thing.

Afraid of coming off as a psycho Micah is hesitant to tell Trevor about Declan Muse, but Trevor learns the truth and it all goes to hell. Now Micah only has a short time to convince Trevor he isn’t a psycho and that their relationship deserves a chance at a future.

This is a quick and sexy one. Micah is an author who is struggling until he has a vision of a hot guy who becomes the inspiration for his best selling series. Declan Muse is the character inspired by his vivid imagination until he goes to a Writer/Reader Conference and meets the real thing, Trevor. Trevor looks exactly like Declan Muse right down to the birthmark on his body. The two of them hit it off right from the time they meet and these two together are two darn hot! But what will happen when Trevor finds our about Declan?

After reading In The Flesh by this author, he went on my #willread list. So when the chance came to review this I grabbed it.

I enjoyed this one. It's a quick read with a heavy dose of smexy scenes which suited me fine. I would've loved a bit more character development and more of Micah and Trevor after the weekend. But this is still a good way to pass an hour's train ride.

Disclaimer: Picked up a copy via Kindle Unlimited.

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