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#BookReview Sultry Groove by @EdenSummers1 #Contemporary #Romance


He wants the world and the admiration of everyone in it. 
Sean Taiden, the inconspicuous drummer of Reckless Beat, is sick of living in the shadows of his bandmates’ success. He’ll do anything to gain the recognition he deserves. Even if it means dancing in a music video to the Reckless track that drives a knife into his broken heart whenever he hears it. The saving grace is the tempting choreographer who may be the one person able to distract him from the agony his life has become.

All she wants is the peace that comes with solitude.
Melody Jenkins knows all about fame. She knows enough to determine she doesn’t want a part of it anymore. After quitting her professional dance career, she set up a quiet studio and focused on starting a new beginning away from prying eyes. Until a sexy drummer strides into her life, making her crave something she can’t have while also pushing her to expose secrets she can’t bear to reveal.

Conflicting aspirations and one inextinguishable passion.
She needs to hide from the world she once owned. He wants to rise to the top, proving to himself and his friends that he’s always been the heartbeat of the band. Caught between what they need and what they want, Melody and Sean have to decide which is more important—their individual plans for the future or their feelings for one another.

Book Review

Maya's Review

I have to say I really really enjoyed this book, the story, the characters, the steam. Phew. Sean is so loveable. From the first page I fell for him and his self-depreciating attitude. He really made me think seriously about band drummers and how unappreciated they were compared to lead singers or guitarists for that matter. Then on top of that he lost the girl he wanted to one of his band mates and has to put up with being best man at their engagement party. That really sucked. LOL.
Then of course Melody walks in and Sean's response made me laugh out loud. I don't think I'll ever forget this line, "Are you a pixie?" The humor is just fabulous and I loved this two together. The only downside is that sometimes I wished the story would hurry up along. Still a great read and I have to go check out other books by this author.

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