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Is it ever too late for love? Natasha by @DahliaDonovan #book #Giveaway


Undercover Interpol agent Natasha Itsov is the ice queen of the European shifter world. Her reputation for loving and leaving without a second thought is well known. Until she met Darren Martel, another fox shifter. She broke both of their hearts when she ran from the bond forming between them.

It’s been years since they’ve crossed paths with each other.

The threat of the Auctioneer looming over Ivy brings the two shifters together for one last mission. Old wounds are reopened, while they struggle to ignore the bond formed all those years ago. Neither wants to risk another catastrophic broken heart, yet neither wants to walk away from the chance of happily ever after.

Is it ever too late for love?

Natasha is the second book of the Blackbird series by Dahlia Donovan. Book one, Ivy, is currently for sale on Amazon, Nook & Smashwords.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

#BookReview Pack of Lies by Lucy Felthouse @cw1985 #PNR #Erotica

Tags: Paranormal, Mystery, Erotic Fiction


Werewolf brothers Matthew and Isaac have lived in the peaceful village of Eyam all their lives. The villagers know what happens every full moon, and are happy to keep their secret. But their privacy comes at a cost—neither brother has taken a lover in almost four hundred years.
Then at the full moon, a sheep is slaughtered on Eyam Moor, by what could only be an animal. A large, vicious animal. Even the brothers’ staunchest supporters begin to have their doubts. Meanwhile Isaac is smitten by a handsome newcomer to the village, while a vivacious visitor is happy to offer Matthew her all.
As they indulge their lust, they must clear their names and convince their neighbours that they aren’t also letting their baser instincts out to play.
Inside Scoop: This book contains sizzling scenes of both M/M and M/F sex.

Pack of Lies by Lucy Felthouse @cw1985 #werewolf #erotic #giveaway

Hello and welcome to the ninth day of my blog tour for Pack of Lies, and thanks so much to my host for the day. I’m happy to share an excerpt with you today, from the beginning of the book.
Also, when you’re done, don’t forget to enter the giveaway!
Happy Reading,
Lucy x

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

#CoverReveal The Love Song Series #boxset @Dawn_Martens @EmilyMintonBks

#CoverReveal + #Giveaway #Preorder FILTHY by @WildClarissa

TITLE: Filthy (Fierce, #3)
AUTHOR: Clarissa Wild
RELEASE DATE: October 7th 

#CoverReveal Professor Cline by @JMLaRocca1

Release Date: January 2015
Genre: Dark Romance

New #Book Release: You’ll Think of Me by Lucia Franco #Giveaway @whiskeygirl06

Luke Jackson.

With his thick southern drawl and seductive charm, Luke is the country boy everyone adores. He has his future mapped out, but his plans with Olivia are suddenly derailed when she makes a decision that blindsides him, changing the path they both envisioned.

As Luke struggles to keep everything in check during a difficult time in his life, he must put his trust in the one person who broke it to begin with. The last time they saw each other, Olivia busted his heart wide open, turning him into the man he is today.

When Olivia returns to her roots, just like Luke said she would, he is shocked for more reasons than one. Nine years have passed since they've seen each other, and when their roads collide unexpectedly, Luke can only push his worry and misgivings away for so long.

Things are different now—they are strangers—and the rope that once bound Olivia's heart to South Fork, Georgia is pulling her back in, forcing her to remember how it used to be all those years ago.

Monday, 25 August 2014

In The Hot Seat: Owen and Brendan from Blood Series @EMorgan2010 #Giveaway #Werewolves

In the Hot Seat series, we interview characters from some of our favourite books and ask them 20 probing questions.

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing not just one but two characters from the Blood Series by +Elizabeth Morgan I am so excited about this fabulous book series.

They thought they had their happy ending-After the Internship @blcumberland #Giveaway

Can he capture her heart forever? RESIST ME by @ChelleBliss1

RMNowAvailableBook: Resist Me Series: Men of Inked Book Number: 4 Author: Chelle Bliss Genre: Erotic/Romantic Erotica

New Release: Sexed into Submission @JulieBailes #bookblitz

Dom Wars 6: Final Round @IneffableDOM @AdenLowe #BookTour #Giveaway

Final blog tour sign

Dom Wars The Final Round by Lucian Bane & Aden Lowe

Release Date August 13, 2014

BDSM Erotic Romance

Add to Goodreads

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Rise to Power, Search for Pride Book Four: Fortune by @DestinyBlaine #PNR

Rise to Power, Search for Pride Book Four: Fortune by Destiny Blaine
Release Date: August 15th at eXtasy Books
Paranormal MFM and MFM+
For Series Excerpts Visit:

Everyone's got them-Your Little Secret @KirstyAnneStill @AuthorBethC #book

Title: Your Little Secret
Authors: Kirsty-Anne Still & Bethan Cooper
Release Date: Aug 15, 2014
Find on Goodreads

Amber Watson thought she knew what she wanted in life – a house that didn’t have creaky stairs and leaky taps; a home with the perfect guy and an undying love that stole her breath away.
Between her boyfriend, Connor, and her best friend, Ethan, she thought she had the perfect life and the perfect future only a heartbeat away.
That is until abandonment and need begin to overwhelm her.
When Connor takes a job in London, Amber finds herself slipping at his lack of contact and the uneasy feeling that he’s hiding more from her than he says.
With the help of Ethan she not only finds herself, but finds the flame she has always held for her best friend coming to life.
Amber never expected to fall into a love triangle, but soon finds herself in a fight between her love for Connor, and the undying love she has for Ethan.
What happens when Connor’s little secret is found out, Ethan’s secret leaves Amber abandoned once again, and Amber’s secret eats away at her?

Love, life and their sex therapist-Lost Desires by @RachaelOrman #book

When fate makes a mistake who fixes it? FATE'S MISTAKE @brandacemorrow #giveaway

Book Title: Fate's Mistake Author: Brandace Morrow Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance Release Date: August 19, 2014 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

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New #Book Release: Forever Spencer by Kimberly Knight

#BookSale Andreas Dubai by @writerbellaross #FREE #BDSM #EroticRomance

Book Title: Andreas Dubai Author: Bella Ross Genre: BDSM / Erotic Romance (Novella Series) Release Date: May 16, 2014 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

Summer Heat Box Set 10 Spicy Novels for #99cents @KarynGerrard


For a limited time, you can buy the Summer Heat box set, which includes 10 novels from Crimson Romance's Spicy line! Not short stories, not novellas...but novels. Look below for a few select blurbs and excerpts

New #Book: Welcome to Paradise by @LSJRomance #Giveaway

Happy Book Birthday Welcome to Paradise!

Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy by @JodiLinton1 new #book #giveaway

Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy
by Jodi Linton
Series: Deputy Laney Briggs, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mystery
Publisher: Entangled: Ignite
Release Date: August 18, 2014

Saturday, 16 August 2014

#BookReview Bound by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman @NormandieA

Bound by the Buccaneer
Erotic Historical Novella

Two years have passed since Frederica joined Gaston aboard the Ocean’s Knave, and with every passing hour they have fallen more deeply in love. By day she is the ship’s physician, but at night she serves her captain in his bed, offering her body for him to punish and pleasure until she begs for more. But after a successful run of raiding other pirate ships, the couple have a target on their backs.
Their only hope is to form an alliance with a trio of like-minded captains, but in order to guarantee the cooperation of these unyielding, battle-hardened men, Gaston is forced to offer them a night with Frederica. Reluctantly, she agrees to be shared with the men, but afterwards Gaston finds it difficult to forgive himself for bartering Frederica’s charms. As jealousy and desperation threaten to consume him, will Gaston lose his beloved Frederica or can he weather the storm and find a way to bind her to him forever?
Publisher’s Note: Bound by the Buccaneer is the second book of the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge trilogy, which began with Rescued by the Buccaneer. It is an adventure and erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including a foursome, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more.

A collection of erotic fantasies-Dark Desires by @measha_stone #giveaway

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